How to Make a Video Loop

How to Make a Video Loop

Video loops are a popular way to make a short, attention-grabbing video. They can be used on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Loop videos can condense your content and keep viewers engaged for longer. They can also be a good way to highlight important messages.

Chrome Icon Generator vs. Manual Design: Which is Right for You?

When it comes to creating icons for Chrome, you have two primary options: using a Chrome icon generator or designing them manually. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, so how do you determine which one is right for you?

In this article, we’ll compare the benefits and limitations of using a Favicon Icon Generator versus a manual design. We’ll discuss factors such as speed, customization options, design control, and more. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of which option suits your icon creation needs best.


iMovie is a popular video editing tool that helps you to create stunning movies, short movies, and music videos. It has a beautiful interface and excellent tools for media Youtube Autoplay, color grading, speed, and green-screen effects.

You can loop a video in iMovie by following these simple steps:

Launch iMovie and open the video you want to loop. Click the “View” button and select “Loop Playback.”

Once you’ve done this, the video will loop automatically until you manually stop it. It’s a great way to make a looped video for presentations, trade shows, or to share on social media channels like YouTube and Facebook.

Another method to loop a video is to use Clideo’s free online video editing software. The tool is very easy to use and supports many different video formats.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Looping a video is an easy way to create a more engaging video clip. This is especially useful for videos that you want to post on social media.

If you are looking for a more creative way to make a video loop, you should try using a professional video editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro. This program is a powerful and versatile piece of software that can do just about anything.

To make a looping video in Adobe Premiere Pro, you first need to create a project. This is where you place all of your clips.

Once you have the project ready, you need to add an intro video. You can do this by placing it at the end of your project.

Next, you need to trim the intro clip so that it matches the output mark you created at the end of the project. This will allow your loop to seamlessly continue on.


If you want to play a video on YouTube repeatedly without hitting the replay button, you can loop it. It can be a handy way to keep watching your favorite videos or learn new skills from tutorials.

You can do this in a desktop browser or mobile app. In desktop browsers, you can make a loop by right-clicking on the video and clicking the Loop option that appears with two arrows rotating clockwise.

In a mobile app, you can create a playlist and add videos to it to loop them. Once the playlist is created, you can find it in the list of your library or create a new one.

Another way to loop a video in YouTube is by using a free specialized Google Chrome browser extension. The Looper for YouTube extension can repeat any YouTube video and also set the number of repetitions. It also lets you select a specific part of the video to be looped.


A video loop is a cool way to make a short video clip look even cooler. It can also be used to illustrate a concept or a point of view.

Boomerate is an Android app that allows users to reverse and loop videos. It also offers other features such as filters, stickers, and more.

You can use it to loop a YouTube video, create an Instagram video, or add some flair to your social media feeds. You can even cut out some of the footage for a more focused video.

To make a looping video, first, drag the video into Boomerate’s Media Library. Next, drag it onto the Video Track.

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