How Do I Pay My Fees at Durham University?

How Do I Pay My Fees at Durham University?

At Durham University you can pay your tuition and accommodation fees in a variety of ways. You can also get support with your financial arrangements if you need it.

Use our payment tools to make payments and manage your finances online at any time. Our secure online portal MyDC allows you to pay from your student account or through your bank or credit card.

How do I pay my fees?

Set up a recurring card payment instruction (RCP) to automatically pay your fees in instalments:

Once you have set up an RCP, you’ll be able to choose which instalments to make and when to make them. You will receive email reminders before each instalment is due so you don’t miss a deadline.

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Apply for student finance funding:

If you are eligible for Student Finance England (or equivalent) or have made alternative arrangements, you can apply for support to cover your fees via our online registration system. Alternatively, if you need help with your finances, you can call the Student Fees and Funding team on +44 (0)1392 732223 or email for further information.

Check your invoice for fees:

We will send you an invoice for the full academic year before you start your course. If you have been approved for Student Finance funding, this will be included in the invoice.

Payment by instalment:

You can pay the majority of your tuition fee in instalments – these will be due according to the timetable for your programme. This is only available if you have set up an instalment arrangement before you enrol and provided us with your payment details in advance.