What Are the Causes of Rubbish Pollution?

What Are the Causes of Rubbish Pollution?

Waste is a huge issue in the world today and the more people there are, the more waste they will produce. This is due to various reasons like urbanization, changing lifestyle, lack of waste-management options and inefficiency.

Plastic is a major cause of rubbish pollution as it’s used for packaging and other products, and can be found on everything from milk cartons to water bottles. It’s also a huge threat to the environment as it can harm plant life, animals and humans when they come into contact with it.

What are the causes of rubbish pollution?

Landfills are another big problem because they allow pollutants to enter the ground and affect wildlife for years to come. This can include chemicals such as pesticides and sewage sludge. That’s why to hire rubbish removal Birmingham.

Air pollution can also be caused by litter, as it releases small particles into the air that can be harmful to your health. The particles are called micro-particles or particulate matter and can harm your lungs in particular.

Ocean pollution can be a big problem too, as it is caused by dumping dredged material, industrial waste, sewage sludge and radioactive waste into the ocean.

The biggest reason for the increasing problem of rubbish is that people and companies are not recycling enough. This means that a lot of waste is sent to landfills instead of being made into new products. This is a massive problem because Australia produced 67 million tons of waste in 2016-2017.

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