What Collection is the Yeti Sword in in Fortnite?

What Collection is the Yeti Sword in in Fortnite?

The Yeti Sword is one of the most coveted melee weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale. This icy blade packs a powerful punch and inflicts freezing damage on opponents. But what collection can players find the Yeti Sword in? Let’s take a closer look at this frosty Fortnite weapon.

Overview of the Yeti Sword

The Yeti Sword was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 1 of Fortnite Battle Royale. When equipped, the weapon appears as a long, single-edged blade made entirely of ice. Jagged icicles jut out along the backside of the blade, adding to its freezing aesthetic.

In terms of gameplay, the Yeti Sword deals 75 damage per swing to enemies. Additionally, it has a small chance to freeze opponents for a brief period when hit. The freezing effect can help give you a tactical advantage in combat.

The Yeti Sword has a swing rate of 0.9 seconds, on par with other Fortnite melee weapons like the Infinity Blade. It uses Medium ammo and has 100 durability. Overall, the combination of high damage, freezing effect, and fast swing rate make the Yeti Sword one of the best melee options currently in Fortnite.

Winterfest Collection

The Yeti Sword belongs to the Winterfest collection in Fortnite.

Overview of the Winterfest Collection

The Winterfest collection contains a variety of icy and holiday-themed weapon skins, pickaxes, gliders, back blings, and more. Many of the items are themed around winter holidays like Christmas and feature cold colors like blue, white, and silver.

Some examples of items in the Winterfest collection include:

  • Frosty Gloves pickaxe
  • Snowfall glider
  • Frosted Flurry contrail
  • Polar Patroller outfit
  • Cozy Holiday back bling

The Winterfest collection first appeared during the Winterfest 2019 event. New Winterfest-themed items continue to be added each holiday season.

Why the Yeti Sword Fits the Collection

The wintry design and freezing ability of the Yeti Sword make it a perfect match for the Winterfest collection. Visually, the ice blade pairs nicely with other icy weapon skins like the Ice Breaker pickaxe.

Gameplay-wise, the Yeti Sword’s freezing effect aligns with the general winter theme of the collection. Slowing enemies temporarily with ice is a fitting ability for a weapon skin designed around cold weather.

So while the Yeti Sword has only been available for a couple of seasons, its frosty look and feel make it a natural fit for the pre-existing Winterfest collection.

How to Get the Yeti Sword

Now that you know the Yeti Sword is part of the Winterfest collection, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on this icy blade. Here are some methods to obtain the Yeti Sword in Fortnite:

Winterfest Presents

The Yeti Sword first became available as a Winterfest present in Chapter 2 Season 1. During the 14 Days of Fortnite event, players could unwrap a new present each day, with the Yeti Sword being one of the potential items.

Unfortunately, the Yeti Sword was only available as a Winterfest present during that initial holiday event. But there’s always a possibility it could return in a future Winterfest present!

Special Events and Tournaments

Epic sometimes includes the Yeti Sword as a reward in limited-time tournaments or special in-game events. For example, it was available as a prize for placing high in the Frosty Fortnite Cup.

Keeping an eye out for events centered around winter or melee combat is a good way to snag the Yeti Sword as a prize. Just be prepared to compete against other players to earn it!

The Item Shop

The most reliable way to obtain the Yeti Sword is to purchase it from the Fortnite Item Shop when it’s featured. As a Winterfest item, it primarily pops up in the Item Shop during the winter holiday seasons.

The Yeti Sword is classified as an Epic rarity item in the Item Shop. This means it will cost you 1,500 V-Bucks if available for direct purchase.

Checking the Item Shop daily, especially around Christmas, can help you grab the Yeti Sword the next time it rotates through. Who knows – you may even catch it at a discount!

Using the Yeti Sword

Once you’ve got the Yeti Sword in your inventory, you’re surely eager to try it out in battle. Here are some tips to use the Yeti Sword effectively:

  • Take advantage of the element of surprise – catch enemies off-guard by landing a few quick blows before they realize what’s happening.
  • Freeze opponents just before landing the finishing blow – stopping them in their tracks so they can’t escape or fight back.
  • Use the Yeti Sword early game before opponents have shields – take advantage of the high damage to quickly eliminate unshielded enemies.
  • Only engage in close combat when necessary – the short-range puts you at high risk if against a long-range weapon.
  • Freeze an enemy, then switch to a different weapon – immobilize them briefly to line up a clear headshot with a shotgun or SMG.

Mastering melee combat takes practice, but the Yeti Sword provides a powerful advantage with its freezing ability if used properly. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find what works best for your playstyle.

Is the Yeti Sword Worth It?

With its eye-catching design and unique freezing effect, the Yeti Sword is one of the more desirable melee weapons in Fortnite currently. But is it worth spending your hard-earned V-Bucks to purchase? Let’s weigh the pros and cons:


  • High damage per swing
  • Freezing ability provides a tactical advantage
  • Faster swing rate than a standard pickaxe
  • Visually distinct ice blade design
  • Part of the coveted Winterfest collection
  • Strong novelty/cool factor


  • Very short attack range
  • Outclassed by ranged weapons in most situations
  • Must be in melee range to utilize freezing
  • Limited timed availability
  • Expensive in Item Shop (1,500 V-Bucks)

Overall, the Yeti Sword is a solid, fun-to-use melee weapon for those who enjoy getting up close and personal in combat. Its freezing effect adds meaningful utility not found on most other melee weapons.

That said, its short range and situational usefulness may not justify the high Item Shop cost for some players. As with all cosmetics, it comes down to your personal preference and playstyle!


The frozen fury of the Yeti Sword makes it stand out among the wide array of melee weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale. This icy blade forms the core of close-quarters combat with its high swing damage and unique freezing ability.

As part of the Winterfest collection, the frigid aesthetics and icy effects of the Yeti Sword perfectly match the winter theme. Scoring it as a Winterfest present or purchasing it from the Item Shop when available are the main ways to add this weapon to your arsenal.

Wielding the Yeti Sword successfully requires practice and strategy to overcome its short-range limitations. But mastering its freezing ability can give you an edge in close-quarters battle.

Let us know if you have any other questions about where to find this awesome icy blade! The Yeti Sword remains one of the most sought-after melee weapons, so get your hands chilling with its frosty power.

FAQs about the Yeti Sword

What rarity is the Yeti Sword?

The Yeti Sword is classified as an Epic rarity in Fortnite. This means it is relatively rare compared to other weapons and items.

How much damage does the Yeti Sword do?

Each swing of the Yeti Sword deals 75 damage to opponents. This makes it one of the higher-damage melee weapons available.

Does the Yeti Sword have a back bling?

No, the Yeti Sword does not come with a back bling. It can only be used as a harvesting tool/melee weapon.

Is the Yeti Sword in Battle Royale only?

Yes, the Yeti Sword is exclusively available in the Battle Royale mode as of now. It is not found in Save the World.

How long do enemies stay frozen by the Yeti Sword?

The freezing effect only lasts 1-2 seconds but can be useful for briefly immobilizing enemies to line up your next attack.

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