Who is the Fastest God in Smite?

SMITE is an intense MOBA with 117 gods to choose from. With a massive roster comes a wide variety of gameplay styles, and some gods are more beginner friendly than others.

The Wind Serpent Kukulkan is a god that provides solid CC and movement speed alongside an AOE. One of his abilities also slows enemies down and allows him to reduce their Physical Protection.

1. Scylla

With the ability to snare enemies, spawn sentry locations, teleport, and deal lethal damage Scylla is one of the fastest gods in smite tier list. Scylla can also quickly turn a lane around with her 1, Spectral Projection, a ranged shot that deals heavy burst damage to any enemies caught in it.

Although Scylla is a strong late game mage her early game can be rough due to her lack of mana regeneration. To remedy this we are increasing her Passive’s Magical Power and boosting Sic Em’s scaling so she can feel more impactful in the early game while maintaining her strong late game.

2. Hou Yi

In the hands of a skilled ADC Hou Yi can wreak havoc in team fights, as well as snowball during the laning phase. He offers heavy burst damage, and can mark enemies with the Mark of the Chinese Pantheon that deals +15% penetration.

The bow god is a solid pick for new players, with an easy-to-understand playstyle and good kit in general. But he’s also an excellent choice for high-level players who want to show off their skills.

Hou Yi has seen some rework changes recently, which have improved his base damage and overall clear speed. This has made him a top-tier solo god. He’s also a solid choice for lane-based gods, allowing them to help their teammates with stuns and damage. The rework has also made him more consistent in his damage.

3. Janus

The term “broken” gets tossed around a lot in video game discussion, usually by salty players after they got stomped by a better team (guilty). But when it comes to Janus, that term is truly accurate.

Janus is able to move extremely quickly around the map using his portals. His 1, Unstable Vortex, is a very damage-heavy skill shot that can be followed up with his 2, Spectral Projection, which is a long range high damage orb that ricochets off walls.

His passive, Passages, provides 15% magical scaling for every enemy he passes through a portal and his 3, Threshold, marks enemies that take damage from Janus or an ally. In the late game, Janus can be one of the fastest characters in the game with his ability to teleport himself and enemies around the map.

4. Erlang Shen

He can track and mark enemies with his ‘Heavenly Eye’, allowing him to analyze them from great distances. He can also execute ‘Heaven’s Punishment’, a massive bolt of divine lightning that strikes and destroys evil beings.

Often called Erlang Shen, he is the God of Justice and fights on the side of humanity against demons and other gods. He possesses tremendous, godly strength, capable of splitting mountains in half with his spear.

He was born a mortal but inherited incredible power and strength from his father Tiandi (the Emperor of Heaven). He learnt fighting styles such as the 72 earthly transformations of Yuding Zhenren and became the top warrior of the heavenly armies. His pet is the heavenly dog Xiaotian Quan, which helps him during battles.

5. Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong has some of the best mobility in the game. He can dash, evade, and bludgeon enemies with ease. He also has one of the strongest boxing abilities in the game with his 3, Combat Dodge.

He can also use his ult, Magic Cudgel, to slam down his weapon and deal damage to everyone in range. Sun Wukong can also change into an eagle, ox, or tiger, each form bringing a unique combat effect.

We have increased his base health slightly and added some strength to his kit. These changes allow him to be a better lane bully with less fear of retaliation from his opponents. He is now able to box more efficiently and his ox form can take on more enemies without taking damage.