The Essential Cali-Crossbody Salsa Moves

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Cali-Crossbody Salsa is an exciting and lively dance style that originates from Cali, Colombia. Characterized by its dynamic footwork, rapid turns, and vibrant energy, mastering the essential Cali-Crossbody Salsa moves is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the world of salsa dancing. In this guide, we will explore the fundamental moves that every Cali-Crossbody Salsa dancer should know.

1. The Basic Step

The Basic Step is the foundation of Cali-Crossbody Salsa. Start with your feet together, then take a forward step with your left foot, followed by a quick backward step with your right foot. Next, take a side step with your left foot, and finally, bring your right foot to meet your left foot find salsa classes in London. Repeat the sequence, starting with the right foot this time. Mastering the Basic Step will set you on the path to becoming a confident Cali-Crossbody dancer.

2. Crossbody Lead

The Crossbody Lead is a key move in Cali-Crossbody Salsa and forms the basis for many other combinations. To perform this move, lead your partner from one side of the dance floor to the other in a smooth and flowing manner. As the leader, use your left hand to guide your partner’s right hand across your body as you both turn. The Crossbody Lead is an essential move for dancing with a partner.

3. Cali-Style Turn

Cali-Crossbody Salsa is known for its fast and exciting turns. To execute the Cali-Style Turn, start with your feet together and your arms in a dance position. Take a step forward with your left foot and pivot on the ball of your right foot, turning 180 degrees to the left. Bring your right foot to meet your left foot and continue dancing. The Cali-Style Turn adds flair and dynamism to your dance moves.

4. Cali Diamond

The Cali Diamond is a dazzling footwork pattern that showcases the agility and speed of Cali-Crossbody Salsa. Start with your feet together, then step forward with your left foot, side step with your right foot, step back with your left foot, and finally, close your right foot to your left foot. Next, step back with your right foot, side step with your left foot, step forward with your right foot, and close your left foot to your right foot. Practice the Cali Diamond to add complexity and elegance to your dance routine.

5. Double Turn Combo

The Double Turn Combo is an exhilarating sequence that involves two consecutive turns. Begin with a basic step, then transition into a Cali-Style Turn. After completing the first turn, smoothly transition into another Cali-Style Turn in the opposite direction. The Double Turn Combo requires coordination and balance, making it a captivating move for both dancers and spectators.

6. Crossbody Inside Turn

The Crossbody Inside Turn is a stylish and impressive move that adds sophistication to your dance. As you perform the Crossbody Lead, instead of leading your partner to the outside, lead them to the inside. Your partner will turn inward, and you will execute a graceful rotation together. Mastering the Crossbody Inside Turn will make your dance combinations more dynamic and versatile.

7. Cali Swivels

Cali Swivels are a playful and engaging footwork variation. While dancing the Basic Step, lift your heels off the ground slightly and pivot on the balls of your feet. As you move to the side, swivel your hips and add a twist to your steps. Cali Swivels infuse your dance with energy and show off your confident style.

8. Hand Toss

The Hand Toss is a charismatic move that emphasizes the connection between partners. During a Crossbody Lead, as the leader, gently lift your partner’s hand, guiding it over their head with a flourish. Your partner will execute a graceful turn under your raised hand, creating an elegant and visually stunning moment.

9. Cali Dip

The Cali Dip is a dramatic move that adds a touch of excitement and intimacy to your dance. As you perform the Crossbody Lead, gently dip your partner backward, supporting their weight with your hand. Your partner will arch their back, creating a dramatic and captivating moment. The Cali Dip should be executed with care and only with a partner you trust.

10. Freestyle Shines

Freestyle Shines allow you to showcase your individuality and creativity on the dance floor. As the music plays, break away from your partner and perform solo footwork patterns, hand movements, and spins. Let the music guide your freestyle, and express yourself with confidence and style.


With these essential Cali-Crossbody Salsa moves in your repertoire, you are well on your way to becoming a proficient and impressive dancer. Remember to practice regularly, dance with passion, and let the music guide your every move. Cali-Crossbody Salsa is a celebration of rhythm and joy, and with dedication and enthusiasm, you will soon dance with the flair and spirit of a seasoned Cali local.


Can I learn Cali-Crossbody Salsa without any prior dance experience?

Yes, Cali-Crossbody Salsa is accessible to beginners with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Is Cali-Crossbody Salsa suitable for solo dancers?

While Cali-Crossbody Salsa is primarily a partner dance, solo dancers can still enjoy and practice footwork patterns and shines.

Where can I find Cali-Crossbody Salsa classes or workshops?

Look for local dance studios, salsa clubs, or online platforms that offer Cali-Crossbody Salsa classes and workshops.

What makes Cali-Crossbody Salsa unique compared to other salsa styles?

Cali-Crossbody Salsa is characterized by its fast footwork, exciting turns, and energetic style, setting it apart from other salsa styles.

How can I improve my Cali-Crossbody Salsa technique?

Regular practice, attending workshops, and dancing with experienced partners will help you refine your Cali-Crossbody Salsa technique.

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