Is it Cheaper to Live in a Flat or a House in UK?

Whether you’re moving to the UK permanently or planning a year or two of travel and work, there are many experiences to enjoy and if you can afford it, a house in the UK can offer a lifestyle that is not far off from those found in most other countries.

Is it Cheaper to Live in a Flat or a House in the UK?

The most obvious difference between houses and flats is space, but there are other differences too. For instance, flats often come with shared facilities such as rooftop gardens, gyms, spas, or even plant-filled terrace spaces that a house would not have the luxury of providing.

They can also feel more secure with coded doorways, CCTV, or night security guards that a house might not have. Flats are usually leasehold rather than freehold too so they can have sussex service charges that can bite into your cash flow.

Houses are generally freehold and will not have service charges but they can also be more expensive than a similar size flat to live in. They are also typically less flexible when it comes to structural changes you can make compared to a flat.

If you’re unsure about what type of property you should buy, it might be wise to speak to a mortgage broker first. This way, they can assess your financial situation and give you a realistic idea of the types of properties you will be able to afford in the UK. In addition, they can help you to compare the costs of different locations, allowing you to find the best value property for your budget.

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