Top 10 Educational Websites

Wonderopolis is an informational website that prompts kids to question their world. Its “Wonder of the Day” questions are great for enrichment or for launching a unit.

TED-Ed offers interactive lessons that are perfect for students and teachers. Its platform also allows educators to track student progress and results.

eSchool News

eSchool News is an online educational newspaper that covers the latest technology and education trends. It features articles, videos, and blogs from top educators and experts. The website has a unique layout that resembles a newspaper.

The site also highlights K-20 decision makers who use technology and the Internet to transform schools and achieve educational goals. For example, it recently profiled the West Rusk Independent School District and its IT team’s work with ManagedMethods to keep learning going during the pandemic.


Quizlet is a popular study tool for students and teachers. It provides practice quizzes, flashcards, and other tools that help learners self-assess their knowledge and prepare for exams.

Students can create their own study sets or clone existing ones. They can also use the site to play live Quizlet games with classmates. However, it is recommended to make sure that students remove their names if they leave or decide not to participate.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy project that offers information and resources on how children learn to read, why many struggle, and how caring adults can help. It brings reading research to educators, presenting “what works” to teachers and parents.

Besides hundreds of articles, Reading Rockets offers free professional development webcasts by nationally recognized experts, daily news service, interviews with authors and more. It also produces television programs for PBS, including the ‘Launching Young Readers’ series.


CommonLit is a free online resource that offers teachers a library of standards-aligned texts. Each text includes text-dependent questions and features a video clip that can be used to support the topic.

It provides students with a wide selection of high-interest reading passages in English and Spanish that cover a range of reading levels. It also helps teachers personalize instruction with real-time data.

Enchanted Learning

This site offers a wide range of educational activities and printables. For kids as young as preschoolers, there are coloring sheets and worksheets for language arts, math, and geography.

Kids can also find interesting information pages about science topics, world culture, and crafts. The old-school navigation and lack of flashy graphics may be offputting to some, but taking the time to explore this website is worth it.


With hundreds of games, ABCya helps students hone key skills in a way that doesn’t feel like standard workbook pages or drill sessions. Students can play 8-bit side scrollers, racing games and adventure games.

Parents can access tools that help them control student activity, reward their kids and mark their favorite games for easy access later (free or premium account required). The site also offers a variety of printables.


ClassDojo is a classroom management tool that allows teachers to award or deduct points based on student behaviour. It also has a messaging system for parents, which allows them to talk to teachers without sharing their phone number.

In addition, it helps connect teachers and parents who may have language barriers or busy work schedules. It also allows students to upload their own work such as drawings and videos.

Education World

Education World offers a vast library of classroom-ready articles and activities. A favorite for teachers, students and parents, Education World covers topics from across the curriculum. From learning about historical figures to examining bias and stereotyping, there are many lessons to choose from detailed description. The site also includes fun activities like Chapters by Chance, which gives students a chance to read chapters from Max Elliot Anderson books.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a digital platform that allows teachers to access and assign a variety of videos, virtual field trips, lessons, and other resources. The platform includes curated collections of video content and interactives that connect students with real-world attention-grabbing science, social studies, civics and government, and math resources.

The platform also features Discovery originals like Phenomenal Science, which brings compelling natural science phenomena to life. It also features literacy and language support including closed captioning, text-to-speech, immersive reader and more.


TeachHUB is a teacher website that provides teachers with access to the latest teaching strategies, lesson plans, classroom resources, real teacher blogs and professional development. It also offers graduate programs for educators who want to continue their education and master new pedagogies.

A blog that focuses on bringing online learning to students all over the world. It shares collaborations with other educational experts and enthusiasts.

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