Do Burglar Alarms Need Wi-Fi?

There’s no doubt that burglar alarms help to prevent property crime. They are one of the most common deterrents, with a number of reputable police bodies confirming that they are effective.

There are some key factors to consider when choosing a burglar alarm system, including the type and installation of sensors. These can be a crucial factor in protecting your home, as well as avoiding false alarms and unnecessary disruption.

Wireless Burglar Alarms – Better Security Options

A wireless Burglar Alarms Kent uses radio signals to connect to the control panel, rather than wires. This is a much safer option than relying on a wired connection and allows the sensors to be installed anywhere within the house without needing to be drilled into the wall or floorboards.

The installation of the devices also causes far less disruption, meaning that you can get on with your life while still keeping your property secure. This is important especially if you have kids or pets, as the wiring of a traditional alarm can make them very vulnerable to unintentional accidents.

What’s more, a wireless burglar alarm system can be integrated with a variety of other external devices, such as smoke detectors and motion sensors. These can be controlled from your mobile phone, giving you complete peace of mind.

The best thing about a wireless burglar alarm is that they don’t need to be connected to the complete in home automation installation, meaning that if you lose your internet connection for any reason then your system will continue to work. This is particularly useful if you’re away from home and want to keep an eye on your premises at all times.

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