4 Safe Ways to Use a Ladder

When using a ladder it is important to follow a few safety rules. These are not complicated, but are essential to ensure a safe job.

When using a ladder, be sure to maintain three points of contact. This means two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand.

1. Check the Ladder

Ladders are a useful tool for a number of jobs, but they can be dangerous if not used properly. To prevent falls, ladders must be inspected before each use.

Inspect the ladder before using it, and take care to ensure it meets OSHA rolling ladders and ANSI-ASC standards for safety. You should also check for any cracks or other damage to the steps, rungs, or supporting supports.

A ladder that’s damaged or not in good condition can easily collapse, leading to injuries and a potential accident. This can be particularly dangerous if you are working at height, as it may not offer the protection needed for your safety.

If you’re a manager, be sure to have someone trained to inspect and set up ladders in your workplace. This person should be responsible for ensuring all ladders meet OSHA and ANSI-ASC safety standards, as well as providing safe usage instructions to workers.

2. Check the Ground

Before putting up the ladder, check that there is safe and level ground. If the base of the ladder is in a low spot, build up the surface with stout boards and stakes.

A fall from a ladder usually occurs when someone is not using the equipment correctly. This could include setting the ladder on loose or uneven ground, not securing the ladder, or using a tall ladder without a support.

Ladders are made of a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Metal ladders can conduct electricity and should be kept at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines.

Make sure the ladder you use is safe for the job and fits your height and needs. Also, take the time to inspect it before you climb on it.

3. Check Yourself

Ladder falls are one of the most common and potentially dangerous workplace hazards. Even those with years of experience can be injured or killed if they use a ladder improperly.

The best way to avoid accidents is to ensure that you are using a safe ladder before you start climbing it. This involves checking the ladder, your surroundings and yourself before you climb.

A safe ladder will be able to hold your weight and have a good grip on the ground, without slipping. A good quality ladder will also have fine treads on its rungs to help you climb up and down it safely.

Having the right ladder is only half of the equation. You need to make sure that you are using it correctly and safely before you can get any work done! Take the time to follow these 4 safe ways to use a ladder and you may well save yourself from an injury or worse.

4. Check the Ladder

Before using a ladder, inspect it for any signs of damage or wear. Even a slight flaw can lead to an accident or injury if not taken care of right away.

Check the base, feet and steps for obvious problems. Also, check the rails and rungs for damage and see if they feel secure and safe to grip.

If the rungs or steps are corroded, they could be slippery and lead to slips and falls. Similarly, if there are loose fixings on the steps or if they’re contaminated, it could also lead to slipping.

Ideally, you should perform a pre-use check and inspection on all ladder stability devices, including steps or rungs on stepladders, roof ladders and extension ladders, as well as locks (dawgs) and ropes on extension ladders. If you spot any defects, do not use the ladder and alert your employer.

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