What’s the Difference Between Granite and Marble?


The difference between granite and marble is in the type of stone used. Granite slabs are made from large blocks of stone, whereas marble slabs are made from smaller blocks. While both stone types can look elegant, granite slabs are typically larger, more durable, and easier to care for. Unfortunately, granite and marble slabs aren’t very green. Both types require significant amounts of energy to mine and cut. Some granite and marble even contain radioactive elements, which decay into radon gas and may cause lung cancer.

Difference Between Granite and Marble

Marble and granite are both natural stones that come in different colors and styles. Granite has a crystalline structure and is slightly harder than marble. Both slabs are beautiful and durable, but marble is softer than granite and requires special treatment to make it more durable. If you’re thinking about installing granite or marble in your home, here’s what you need to know. These two types of stone are a great choice for kitchen and bathroom counters and other surfaces in your home.

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The main difference between granite and marble is their resistance to stains. Marble is prone to stains, and vinegar and lemon juice can permanently change their color Galina. It also requires periodic polishing to keep it looking its best. Moreover, marble is more expensive than granite, so you should consider your budget before deciding on a stone for your home. Just make sure you check the durability of both materials. If you want to make a decision between marble and granite, you should first understand the differences and similarities between them.

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