What Type of Roof is Very Popular in Warm Climate?

What Type of Roof is Very Popular in Warm Climate?

What type of roof is very popular in warm climate?

A hot climate is harsh on any material, and a poorly designed roof can absorb the sun’s heat without reflecting it away. This can lead to degrading of the structure and energy costs for cooling.

Clay Tiles

Terra cotta tiles are a traditional choice for roofing contractors sunshine coast in warm climates. These light-colored, thick-built tiles have been around for centuries and can last long. They are shaped into half-barrels or S shapes to allow air ventilation and are painted to keep the tile from absorbing the sun’s heat.

Flat Concrete Tiling

Similar to terra cotta, flat cement tiling is another good choice for warm climates. These white barrel-shaped tiles are made from ceramic, elastomeric material or combinations of fibers and cement and reflect the sun’s rays.

Slate Tiles

A roof made from slate is a beautiful choice for hot climates, as it has natural reflective properties and is easy to maintain. Slate is durable and comes in a wide range of colors that can match any home’s decor.

Metal Roofs

In warm climate, metal roofs are a wise choice because they shed rain and snow very well and also have the ability to reflect sunlight, making them a cool roof.

Cool Roofing Materials

Cool roofs are a growing trend among environmentally conscious homeowners. They lower a roof’s surface temperature, reduce heat transfer and cut energy bills for buildings that rely on air conditioning.

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