What Services Are Available From Virgin Media in Northwich?

Fibre broadband is the future of broadband, but you may be wondering what other services are available from Virgin Media in Northwich. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular services, including TV, Phone, and Mobile. The best part? There’s no catch – Virgin Media has a plan for everyone. With speeds up to 630Mbps, everyone can enjoy high-speed internet. But how do you know if it’s right for you?

Fibre broadband

Virgin Media Northwich Fibre broadband is a great way to upgrade your internet connection and save money at the same time. The fibre optic connection to your home is run by a cabinet on the street. This connection uses a coaxial cable instead of a traditional copper wire to connect to your home. The speed of fibre broadband can range from 54Mbps to 1130Mbps. For your convenience, Virgin Media offers a wide range of packages that are compatible with your existing phone line and router.

Facebook, Social Media, Web, Network

Mobile broadband

With a range of high-speed plans to choose from, Virgin Media has something for everyone. From an entry-level speed of 100Mbit/s to an unlimited top speed of 300Mbit/s, Virgin Media has something to suit all types of users. In addition Handcart Media web design Cheshire, the company over-provision the speeds for each package, so you can enjoy the fastest speeds possible. Here are some of the top features that you can expect from a service with Virgin Media Northwich Mobile broadband.


A new service from Virgin Media brings Warner Bros to the local area, making the cable television company the third provider to offer such a service. While Virgin declined to disclose how many people subscribe to the new service, the company does say that its XL package includes free access to the network’s Warner TV service. While there are still many people who may have reservations about the service, it appears to be a welcome addition to the local area.


If you are having trouble connecting to your service, you can call the Virgin Media Northwich phone number. There are a variety of ways to contact them. You can also use their website to send a text message, which works in a similar way to text messaging. Be prepared to wait for a response. This service is not compatible with ad blockers. The number is on the “contact us” page on the Virgin Media website.

Exemption from tax

The new owner of Virgin Media will not pay any tax in the UK for the foreseeable future. According to a report by the Espirito Santo bank, Liberty would have accumulated losses on its UK cable network which could potentially qualify it for an exemption from tax for 15 years. The new company was founded in 2006 by merging NTL and Telewest, and other regional cable companies. It has invested PS13 billion in fibre optic cables and started to generate profits by the end of 2010.

Partnership with Scripps Networks

As part of the merger, Virgin Media has sold its 50% stake in UKTV to Scripps Networks, which owns many US television brands. The deal involves the payment of PS239 million in cash and another PS100 million in debt. Virgin Media has valued its UKTV stake at PS350 million and has a large amount of debt it wants to repay. The new company will help Virgin Media pay its debts.

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