What Makes a Door an Impact Door?

What Makes a Door an Impact Door?

Impact doors offer the ultimate in protection from inclement weather. They also provide financial benefits, such as reduced home insurance premiums. These impact doors are specially designed to resist the effects of hurricanes, storms, and intruders. They are also energy-efficient. Not only will they protect your home, they also provide a more comfortable environment.

Impact doors are heavy-duty, thicker, and have reinforced hinges and door frames to ensure they stay put during storms. They are also made with specially engineered polyurethane foam cores that protect people inside from inclement weather. Additionally, they are able to be installed in front or back entryways to protect your home from intruders.

What Makes a Door an Impact Door?

Choosing an impact door is a smart choice for anyone. Whether you live in a region where storms are common or not, the added security and resistance will keep you protected. In fact, Florida law requires insurance companies to offer discounts on Boca Raton Impact Doors. The increased insurance savings will make up for the cost of purchasing an impact door.

When choosing an impact door, you may want to look for brands that have been certified. Some of the most reputable companies include ETO Doors, BHI Doors, and Plaspro Exterior Doors. Moreover, a variety of styles and colors are available to meet your needs. You may even find an impact-rated door that complies with Florida door codes.

Hurricanes, in particular, can cause substantial damage to a home. This is because of the speed of the winds. If your doors are not impact-rated, they could shatter, leaving your family vulnerable to harm. Also, loose materials in the air can damage your windows. Purchasing an impact-rated door will also help you protect your home from harmful UV rays.

Impact doors are tested by CGI, a company that tests impact doors in a variety of conditions. Their tests include the Miami-Dade High-Velocity Hurricane Zone Test, which measures the pressure of hurricane wind loads on a door. An impact door must be able to pass this test in order to be certified. Another test is the cyclical test, which is a cyclical pressure test that is used to determine the Design Pressure (DP) rating.

Impact doors are also more resistant to denting than ordinary metal or wooden doors. However, even impact-rated doors can break in a sudden blow. That is why it is crucial to choose a sturdy door that is durable enough to hold up to a heavy impact. Many Southwest Floridians are replacing their average entry doors with impact-rated ones.

Another important benefit of installing an impact-rated door is the reduction of noise. While impact-rated doors are not as quiet as decorative glass, they still help to reduce the amount of noise transferred to your home. There are many impact-rated doors that are now available for front, rear, or side entryways. It is always a good idea to check with your local building codes before buying a door for your home.

While impact-rated doors can offer a lot of benefits, they are not the only option for protecting your home. Other measures you can take to protect your property are to install impact-resistant glass, install a storm shutter, or purchase a wind-resistant roof.

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