What Kind of Fabric is Used for Polo Shirts?

The material of your clothing is important for looks, comfort and fit. Especially when it comes to garments as versatile as polo shirts that can be worn for any occasion or work environment.

There are several different fabrics that can be used in the construction of a polo shirt. But two of the most popular are pique and jersey.

What Kind of Fabric is Used for Polo Shirts?

Pique is a cotton fabric that is known for its raised parallel cords or fine ribbing that creates a waffle-like texture in the surface of the shirt. It’s a durable and flexible fabric that is easy to care for and has an elegant, premium look at tshirtsareus.co.uk. It became the iconic polo shirt material thanks to Lacoste and is still used today for a variety of casual and professional uses.

The jersey knit is also a very popular fabric that was first made famous by Coco Chanel for outerwear but is now commonly used in polo shirts and other types of garments. It’s a soft and tightly knitted fabric that feels smooth against the skin and is perfect for polo shirts that will be used for athletic or recreational wear.

Other fabrics that are frequently used in the construction of polo shirts include polyester and poly performance, which are often blended with cotton Helsinki paita. These blends are known for being quick drying and snag resistant. Some polo shirts also have a yoke, which is an additional seam of fabric stitched into the back of the shirt that adds a tailored look and strength to the collar area.

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