What Does DM on Jewelry Mean?

For several reasons, you might see the letters DM stamped on a necklace or bracelet. This may be a countermark, or it might be a company name or regard name. In many cases, letters DM indicate the producer or jewelry wholesale company. A typical example is DM Jewelry Designs.

What Does DM on Jewelry Mean?

Some jewelry stores use the Better Business Bureau’s seal of approval to distinguish their products. This seal helps consumers identify reputable businesses and make smarter purchasing decisions. Another reason you might see a DM stamped on a piece of jewelry is that Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers manufactured the piece. Mexico is one of the world’s largest silver producers, with over 5,920 tons of silver produced in 2019. With the demand for silver soaring, Mexico’s silver production is set to continue increasing.

What does DM on jewelry mean

If you’re unsure what DM on a piece of jewelry means, take it to a trusted local jewelry store and ask them to inspect it. The mark can indicate the manufacturer and be anything from a logo to the maker of the post-clasping device. Even if the hallmark isn’t present, you can ask your local jeweler about the metal content by inspecting the piece.

Another sign of a high-quality jewelry piece is the Assay Office’s hallmark. These marks may be in the shape of a letter or an assay office mark. These marks will tell you how the piece was tested and how pure the metal is. Additionally, they are designed to prevent fraud.

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