What Do You Call a Couponer?

Many names know couponers. They may be called ISO/IDSO (in search of) and “match-Ups.” The former means that the coupons are matched with sales. The latter refers to a store’s coupon policy, where the coupons are not effective until the next time you shop there.

What Do You Call a Couponer?

Consumers love coupons because they allow them to get a discount. It creates value and encourages them to buy more. They also give shoppers the incentive to try something new. For example, a person may not be willing to try pizza from a different restaurant if they have a favorite pizza parlor. However, with a coupon, they can try another type of pizza without paying full price.

What Do You Call a Couponer?

Another name for a coupon user is an extreme couponer. This term is popularized by the cable channel TLC, which chronicled the lives of hardcore couponers ProDentim Discount Code. It is used for both online and in-store couponers. The phrase is a play on the term “extreme” in extreme sports, which is often associated with danger and extreme exertion.

Some extreme couponers even steal a neighbor’s Penny Saver and ask for his unwanted newspapers. Those who are extreme couponers even go as far as exploiting loopholes in grocery store coupon policies.

In addition to saving money, coupons can help people save money on items they normally purchase. For instance, if a person buys a pair of shoes, he or she will not necessarily look for the most expensive team but will use a coupon for twenty percent off the price.

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