The New York Jets Are Flying High This Season!


The New York Jets are flying high this season, but what do you need to know to stay ahead of them? The Jets have been consistently good since they hired head coach Matt Patricia. They are ranked twenty-five in total defense, so they will need to improve in those areas. This week, they face Kansas City, Atlanta, and New Orleans. The Jets hung tough against the Patriots, and they could push for a wildcard spot if Mike White starts week four.

Jets Are Flying High This Season!

The Jets have a few young players who have potential. The team drafted quarterback Garrett Wilson, the No. 10 overall pick last month, with hopes that he could be their future quarterback. But while the rookie is only a year old, he has already posted two passing touchdowns, which is less than half of Brady’s 44 touchdown passes. And he has yet to beat Ryan Fitzpatrick’s franchise record of 62 pass touchdowns.

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As far as uniforms are concerned, the private jet hire has changed the look of their uniforms for the 2019 season. Instead of the orange and black colors of previous seasons, the Jets have changed their colors to deep metallic emerald green. In addition, they have switched the facemasks from white to black and added green pants. The uniforms are reminiscent of the original Titans of New York, and they’re flying high this season!

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