The First Person to Unicycle Around the World

Ed Pratt is the first person to attempt to unicycle around the world. He set out from his home in Somerset in March 2015 with a two-wheeled pack on his back and a plan to cycle around the world. This ambitious plan took sixteen months and was disrupted by icy roads in Kazakhstan and a near-fatal car crash. Nevertheless, Pratt successfully completed his journey, raising PS300,000 for charity, School in a Bag. The charity provides educational equipment for children in need all over the world.

Unicycle Around the World

Ed Pratt is a 19-year-old from Somerset. He was aiming to ride a unicycle around the world and uploaded his videos on YouTube to document his journey. The trip took a little more than three months, but it was worth it as it proved to be an impressive achievement for the British unicyclist. The videos he uploaded to YouTube show a man who has the dedication to complete his ambitious mission.

The unicycle trip has been described as one of the most dangerous and demanding adventures of the year. Pratt endured cold temperatures, rough terrain, and no services along the way However, he completed the journey safely and is now attempting to unicycle across the United States. This time, he was not the only person to attempt to do this. There are more than 3,000 cyclists in the world who have completed similar challenges.

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