Seedbox Agrotech Private Limited


Seedbox Agrotech Private Limited (SEEDBOX) has 2 directors and its registered office is at AP 17/529, VK BUILDING PANAYI, ANAKKAYAM, P.O. MALAPPURAM, Kerala, India. The company is not listed on the stock exchanges, so there is no key management personnel. Its longest-serving director is Adil Karakkadan, who has been on the board for 1.56666666666666666666 months. The other two directors are Mohamed Ajmal Koorimannilvettikkamannil and Vijay Kumar.

Seedbox Agrotech Private Limited

Users can use seedbox to download torrent files without having to worry about bandwidth usage. It doesn’t use local bandwidth, but only when you download and upload files to it. You can use any browser to access the seedbox, add torrents, and control the remote box. Aside from this, seedboxes can also circumvent traffic-based throttling. Some Internet service providers throttle BitTorrent traffic, so using a seedbox allows you to bypass this limiting method.

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If you are a serious BitTorrent user, seedboxes provide high-performance solutions. If you download a lot of torrents, you may want to buy a seedbox for your personal use. Moreover, seedboxes are not illegal. The technology is legal, but it is still illegal to send or receive intrinsically illegal content. Seedboxes are useful for those who download torrent files for a living, but not for everyone.

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