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Security Pros are advising business owners to not be duped by the most recent crime figures that show a little increase in offense, as a third of violent instances are dismissed as’no offense ‘

Security Expert Asset Protection

Every safety expert knows that theft, theft & vandalism has increased throughout 2009. The chilling crime statistic is that UK gun crime rose 89 percent in the past ten years. This can be bad news for company asset protection.

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Security experts advise it is time for company directors to sit up and take note since the present recession is assaulting companies in a manner that lots of small business managers are unprepared for.

Some UK business areas have seen a five – fold growth and also in eighteen different UK authorities regions gun crime has skyrocketed.

Add a sharp increase in burglaries, vandalism, robbery and street muggings up by 12,000 cases in the united kingdom during a 3 month interval, and it makes gloomy reading for any company manager IT Security. No more than a manager or company proprietor tasked with the provision of safety and close protection security for virtually any company asset security.

Asset protection global is one of those expansion regions of the security sector and we’re seeing a increase in the appointment of somebody hazard specialist into different businesses. Business managers frequently misunderstand what constitutes resources requiring protection.

Many confuse large financial value assets with resources which don’t seem to have a financial value. I was contracted by an American security specialist working for a Russian company manager who disregarded his senior management staff and rank and file workers as no value resources. In fact these were crucial workers who had been the most precious advantage his company owned.

The fact that many of those employees were targeted at kidnap for ransom from the Russian Mafia must have given the company director a solid indication of how precious an advantage they had been. As soon as I pressed the manager about the way his company might deal when 2 of his senior management staff had been kidnapped, he responded that his company will likely never recover.

Every safety expert working with customers in the former Soviet Bloc states understands that after these Mafia groups kidnap company victims for ransom then paying the Mafia off isn’t the last solution. All these Mafia groups are conducted by midsize company owners that often correlate in what they predict a gain tax obligations from all prospective business earnings.

From the west we call it extortion payments, but I have discovered a safety pro compare gain taxation from the East to commission obligations from the West. The actual distinction is that you frequently don’t have any choice about paying it at the Eastern Bloc, and the only option is to employ whole time close protection officers and protection from a number of the former KGB officer business companies.

I worked closely with an aviation company in the Southern Ukraine whose managing manager flatly refused to cover any gain tax on the Allied Mafia. He along with his immediate family, along with his family were targeted for assassination with this Mafia group. This manager’s airline has been flying extensive cargo missions to the UN into war zones along with his freight was deemed as precious assets.

I had been requested to offer a security and close protection strategy for the manager and his loved ones. The following threat assessment suggested the Mafia were requesting a whopping 70 percent of the aviation firms gross earnings.

The Mafia recognized the company as a superb vehicle for money laundering as well as the air transport of prohibited narcotics, arms and other precious assets.

Asset protection global calculated quite highly on the hazard management program. This specific manager made a conscious choice to cover full time VIP close protection solutions. This wasn’t a simple choice as the defense team could be necessary for the remainder of his life.

Approximately six months to the safety contract through just a small downtime I had been talking to the manager’s wife. She had been really mad at the Mafia for carrying her away traditional way of life and also for forcing her and her kids and husband into a lifetime filled with life threatening dangers and gross intrusion.

She said she had been really despondent in their potential business development after talking to some Russian security expert witness that provided evidence against the Mafia simply to see his spouse implemented as an example to others and him contemplating opposing the Mafia.

I must state that all safety specialists understand the dangers and sadly these dangers extend beyond the hiring of close protection and asset protection global specialists.

Hiring protection from some other Eastern Bloc close defense security provider is fraught with security issues. Every threat expert knows that the Mafia have contradicted these safety firms with the exact same success as they have shown in the police, intelligence and military agencies.

Identify your authentic valuable assets. I.e. products and goods can always be substituted should adequately insured. Whereas key employees can not ever be substituted if they’re kidnapped and implemented.

That is a fact recognized by the UK Midlands phone company whose employees have been kidnapped and decapitated in among the independent countries of the former Soviet Union following a botched rescue collapse.

Conduct extensive due diligence about the safety close protection security business and staff you employ. It’s vital to recognize the important partners in almost any security company that you retain.

Make sure all of your company Insurance coverages are current and fully compliant. I am not talking about your insurance coverages covering your resources for fraud, theft, product tampering, vandalism and hi-jacking. I am also speaking about your business supervisors manslaughter liability insurance plan.

I.e. if you’re a business manager and you also send one your business agents overseas to represent your company and they’re kidnapped and implemented and you have not demonstrated adequate safety and counter kidnapping training then you and your fellow supervisors will be billed and you might be jailed.

Obviously you’ll also be exposed to a costly civil situation.

Guard your employee’s assets as far as you shield your fixed tangible assets. I.e. Make sure you have sufficient kidnap for ransom or even K&R insurance for each and every business representative traveling as a portion of your company agents. K&R insurance isn’t quite as costly as you may think.

If your resources are located in the united kingdom then use a proven British safety expert. If the resources are located in North America then use a digital security expert. If your resources are being hauled or traveling globally then think about keeping a global security expert.

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