The Roof Racks BCF (built-in carrier frizz system) is a unique and revolutionary innovation of RV manufacturers and retailers. They are designed to meet the mounting demands of the RV crowd while minimizing weight, bulk and airways clogging. The design of the roof racks BCF is an innovative and double-skinned acrylic membrane that mounts securely to the rear frame of the RV.

Roof Racks BCF

To ensure long-lasting durability, they are manufactured with heavy-duty stainless steel fasteners. They also come with various accessories such as hooks & loops for hanging items like surfboards, beach chairs, or anything that can be hung suction cup roof racks. This prevents the burden of extra material from weighing down the entire structure of the RV.

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There are many good reasons why you should invest in roof racks BCF as opposed to traditional roof racks that typically have single tie-downs. For starters, with the roof racks BCF, there is a double layer of cargo securement instead of just one. This is because while single tie-downs only secure one item, double tie-downs can secure two objects at once, which drastically reduces the possibility of one of them getting loose and falling off.

The roof racks BCF also allows for a more secure mounting of your bike because of the double cargo securement. Also, because it is a double-skinned acrylic material, it provides twice the amount of support and stability as compared to other typical roof racks.

The roof racks BCF has a unique construction that is not found in the typical roof rack manufacturer’s market. It is important to consider the installation process of the product because it is designed to make the installation process easier and quicker. It is guaranteed to withstand any sort of weather including rain, strong winds, and even the occasional strong sun rays. One important thing to remember is to check if the manufacturer’s instructions are included with the product. This way, you can save yourself time and effort from trying to figure out how to install the roof racks BCF.

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