Review of Rich Dad’s Advisors – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

It makes complete sense why folks are taking a look at gold and silver at the moment. With the market doing what it’s doing and the national book continuing to print money like mad, it appears inevitable that precious metals will rise in value ?

Review of Rich Dad’s Advisors

Mr. Maloney details the way every nation that’s over diluted their money has experienced a currency crash check it out. He actually does a fantastic job of saying the background of gold and silver and it makes complete sense to be buying at this time.

Give, Key, Receive, Hand, Keys

The only things I actually didn’t care for this came in the book was that the past couple pages. In the last couple of pages, Mr Maloney blasts another method to bu silver and gold than obviously how he sells . As a freelancer of silver and gold, he obviously indicates purchasing the specific manner he sells.

He bashes numismatic coins, ETF’s (I agree with him ) and some other manner than the specific manner he sells I suggest if you’re likely to purchase the manner he proposes, then, do your own research. Whenever you’re purchasing bullion and holding it , the costliest place you can purchase is by a freelancer.

Personally, I prefer purchasing US sterling silver coins at a very challenging market, they can easily be bartered. I’d steer clear of buying massive bricks or blocks of gold and silver. If the economy does tank, those will probably be more difficult to eliminate as they’ll be quite so high priced.

I really do like that the book suggests when to eliminate silver and gold since there’ll definitely be a time when silver and gold are irrationally large and in the stage to stage property or perhaps even inventory. Additionally, this says to me now, until that time happens, isn’t a fantastic time to purchase stock or property.

As further reading, I’d suggest reading Robert Kiyosaki’s post titled”market your gold and purchase silver”. Personally, I believe silver is a far better purchase.

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