Railblaza UV Lamp and UV Cables Bring Sophistication and Durability to Motorcycling

The RAILBLAZA rail system has been designed to provide maximum flexibility in the installation of accessories to your railings Railblaza Products for Kayaks. Its unique and innovative feature sets take rail construction to a whole new level. The RAILBLAZA rail system allows an individual to add to or remove accessories to their railings with greater ease than ever before. You no longer need to drill holes through your railings to secure accessories. With the innovative and versatile design of the RailBlazing Mount, you can install just about anything on or along your railings.

One of the most popular railblaza mount models available is the railblaza uv mount, which attaches to both round and square deck railings. The railblaza of mount is designed for easy installation on any smooth or sloping surface and is made from high-quality stainless steel for strength and long lasting durability. The railblaza UV mount comes complete with a hand held UV lamp that ensures UV Protection for the stainless steel railblaza. The UV Lamp is specially designed to work in areas where there is often harmful UV radiation, making the UV Lamp an excellent fixture for use with the railblaza UV mount. The railblaza UV mount also features built-in Cable Catch Vents to aid in draining unwanted exhaust from the vehicle.

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Final Words

The railblaza mount offers two different mounting bases to choose from, the Hard Mount base and the Soft Mount base. Each base is designed to securely hang on the rail. The Hard Mount base is easily mounted to most flat surfaces and is perfect for placing a handheld camcorder, mobile phone, or laptop computer on the rail. The Soft Mount base makes it easy to remove the rail for cleaning or servicing the rail, making it an ideal rail mount for individuals who are not handy. The railblaza UV lamp and UV cable harness make this mounting system an excellent addition to any automobile.

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