Pest Control Inspection Tools

The first tool a pest control inspector should have is a flashlight. This is essential for identifying possible points of entry and harborage, as well as any maintenance or sanitation deficiencies.

Pest Control Inspection

It can also help inspect the furniture and equipment for damage. Additionally, an extendable mirror is useful for examining the inside of walls and voids. Lastly, a 10x magnifying glass can be used to see the details of pest infestations.

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Using these tools allows inspectors to capture images of any potential problems or possible future infestations with the utmost accuracy fort lauderdale pest control. Some inspection tools are bundled with free trial periods, so you can test them before purchasing the full package.

However, you should only try them out if you’re certain they will help you solve the problem. The best inspection tools can save you time and effort, as they eliminate the guesswork and wait for a game that plagues pest control.

The T3i is a small and powerful hand-held device that allows inspectors to carry out inspections while on the go. The T3i can be used for pest control jobs of all sizes and types. This inspection tool is the only one on the market that can detect termites in the smallest of spaces. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be ready to make the next move in ensuring that your customers’ homes are pest-free.

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