Ocean View Suites at Delray Beach

If you are looking for a new place to stay when you visit the New York area or if you are looking for a unique and fun family get-away then you should check out Ocean View Suites in Delray Beach Nordheimer is German. Ocean View Suites has two beach camps located on the Delray Beach boardwalk. The beach is a little bit farther out than what you would normally find at the beach, but the accommodations and service are top-notch. The beach is filled with water slides, wave runners, and other attractions that keep you busy during your time at the beach. The beach is also surrounded by several restaurants that serve delicious food and some of the best beer in the New York area.

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Suites at Delray Beach

Once you have checked out the ocean view, you will need to check out the Delray Beach boardwalk. The Delray Beach boardwalk is filled with fun and trendy shops as well as several interesting art galleries. Some of the great restaurants that can be found on Delray Beach include the Billy Jealousy’s a delightful diner and Delray Beach Pizza Cafe. Both of these restaurants are very popular and have been around for over twenty years. Other restaurants that are located on the beach include Breezy’s Beach Club and Breezy’s Bar and Grill.

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You will find that all of the beach clubs in Atlantic City are located on the beach. These beach clubs offer all types of music and dancing including sunbathing and pool parties. Check out these beach clubs when you are in Atlantic City.

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