Michigan Auto Accident Attorneys

The compensation you can get from a Michigan auto accident attorney is highly dependent on the nature of your injuries, their seriousness, and their impact on you. Michigan is particular when defining “serious bodily injury” in tort law, which means that you must have permanent disfigurement or a significant degree of bodily impairment. Depending on the circumstances, you can recover damages for pain, suffering, and other economic losses.

Michigan Auto Accident Attorneys

When another driver’s negligence is the cause of an accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation from their insurance company for the damages caused by the collision. In addition, Michigan’s no-fault laws mean that both parties are entitled to compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. Also, check out workers compensation attorney.

However, if one of the drivers was at fault, the other driver could sue the at-fault driver for damages exceeding the threshold. In addition, this threshold is applied to accidents involving severe bodily impairment, and there are some exceptions to it.

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A car crash in Michigan can be very complex, and it’s common for people involved to deal with insurance adjusters and other third parties. In such cases, it’s best to retain the services of the Best auto accident attorneys Nashville. No-fault insurance coverage is mandatory in Michigan and will cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to your accident. In addition, no-fault insurance can cover the cost of replacing your car if damaged.

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