Often overlooked by the public, tow truck drivers are responsible for providing lifesaving services in some of the most extreme situations. Drivers may be called upon to remove a stranded vehicle from a tree or building, tow cars out of an accident scene, or provide emergency medical services until real help arrives.

Is Tow Truck Driving Stressful?

Tow truck drivers have had their share of highs and low heavy duty towing san jose near me. They have been attacked on the job and slashed with a knife. They have also been the recipients of negative customer reactions. Some tow truck drivers have even been shot at.
Is tow truck driving stressful
As a tow truck driver, you will be required to navigate through busy streets with limited visibility in poor weather conditions. You will need to be aware of the hazards on the road and make safe driving decisions. Often, a car that has skidded off the road or has become stuck in a tree can be difficult to hook up. Tow truck drivers may be required to work late hours, weekends, and holidays. This can lead to high levels of stress, as competition for a job can lead to conflict. There are also risks to tow drivers from distracted drivers and drunk drivers. While towing vehicles may not have a lot of official safety features, many drivers still carry weapons on duty. Aside from the obvious, tow truck drivers are able to earn a modest paycheck, if not a large one. Depending on the company, drivers can earn up to $700 a night.

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