Is Mycobacterium Vaccae Probiotic Key to Better Health?

A new study in mice found that the Mycobacterium vaccine can protect against the effects of stress. In addition, the bacteria can reduce inflammation. This could have beneficial effects on the CNS and behavioral functioning. The next step is to determine the effect of probiotics on CNS functioning. In addition, larger trials will be needed to determine whether probiotics can lead to better health.

Mycobacterium Vaccae Probiotic

Though this research is still in its early stages, it has bold implications for humans. According to Lowry, the bacteria may prove useful in the development of a probiotic vaccine against stress. Given to high-stress workers, it may reduce the negative effects of stress on the body. This could have significant implications for improving mental health. In the meantime, more research is needed to understand the potential benefits of Mycobacterium vaccae for humans.

Mycobacterium Vaccae Probiotic

Previous studies also showed that M. vaccae induced a long-lasting resilience to stress and improved CNS immunomodulatory mechanisms mycobacterium vaccae supplement. These results suggest that M. vaccae may play an important role in reducing the neuroinflammatory effects of stress. Immunization with M. vaccae enhanced anti-inflammatory responses in the hippocampus, as well as prevented changes in HMGB1 and CD200R1 levels. Furthermore, the bacteria blocked the priming of microglia in response to stress.

In addition to the role that Mycobacterium vaccae plays in the inflammatory response, it has been linked to mood and anxiety. Researchers have hypothesized that inflammation in the brain plays a role in depression, and the bacteria in our microbiome can modulate this inflammation. The University of Colorado Boulder study suggests that Mycobacterium vaccae can have positive effects on the brain, especially when it comes to depression. It also showed that mice injected with Mycobacterium vaccae showed no inflammatory responses when placed in stressful situations.

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