Installing a Fence at Lowes


There are several reasons to install a fence at home, from privacy and security to defining boundaries and adding aesthetic value. Lowes is a great place to purchase permanent fencing, as well as temporary fencing, and has an excellent selection of fence styles and materials for any taste or budget. For the home, natural wood fence panels are a classic option. Another rustic option is a split-rail fence with wood posts. Wood pickets help you maintain the view of your yard while adding privacy. Alternatively, a wooden gate is a good option for creating a clear point of entry into your yard.

Installing a Fence at Lowes

When shopping for a new fence, be sure to ask questions to an expert at Lowes. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about the pros and cons of various materials, including vinyl fences. They can also offer guidance and help when it comes to assembling the fence. In addition to selling fence materials, Lowes also offers a wide range of plants that are great for your new fence. Vinyl fences are also popular since they can be customized to fit your home’s aesthetics.

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Michael Cross also had a bad experience with the company’s contractor. After being told several times that he was going to get his fence fixed at Lowes, he returned several times to complain fence company Parker Co. Lowes fired the contractor and hired a new one, but the new fence still leans after less than a year. Twait had already complained to Lowes about the unsatisfactory work, but the company did not come out to look at the fence.

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