Hydrodemolition – The Future of Building Restoration

The advantages of hydro demolition over traditional demolition are obvious. It is fast and less labor-intensive. Instead of using cranes to remove entire buildings, one or two workers control robotic water jets to eliminate concrete walls. The water is then collected and reused. The remaining concrete is ground into smaller pieces for reuse. One of the main concerns of hydro demolition is water runoff, but the process’ proper disposal will prevent harm to nearby sensitive areas and water sources.

The Future of Building Restoration

The process of hydro demolition has evolved over the past three decades. Robotic units now perform the entire demolition process. The robots are controlled by remote controls to move across the site at a safe distance. The water jet sprays at a pressure of 36,000 PSI, which is 24 times more powerful than a standard power washer. Hydrodemolition also saves on labor costs and increases safety.

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The runoff water from hydrodemolition uk must be treated and transported to a licensed facility for disposal. If the water contains hazardous materials, the company will take steps to dispose of it safely. This process uses recycled solid materials, and a certified engineer checks the water quality. A copy of the COC should be retained in the project file. In the future, hydro demolition will become the way to go for building restoration.

As the process of removing concrete is more efficient than conventional tools, hydro demolition is safer for workers and the environment. Water jets used in hydro demolition can eliminate microcracks and other issues caused by traditional demolition methods. The water jets are silent, resulting in reduced acoustic impact. The process also produces a larger surface area of exposed aggregate, which enhances the bond of the new overlay.

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