Hen Party Life Drawing: A Cheeky and Creative Way to Celebrate

When it comes to celebrating a bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding, finding a memorable and unique activity can be a delightful challenge. If you’re looking for a fun and cheeky way to celebrate, consider hosting a hen party life drawing session. This creative and lighthearted activity offers a twist on traditional celebrations, allowing everyone to unleash their inner artist while enjoying some laughs and memorable moments.

What is Hen Party Life Drawing?

Hen party life drawing involves hiring a professional nude or semi-nude model to pose for a group of participants, who then attempt to capture the human form on paper using various art materials like pencils, charcoal, or watercolors something to do. The goal isn’t necessarily to create masterpieces but to have a fun and artistic experience.

Why Choose Hen Party Life Drawing?

Unique and Memorable

Life drawing is a departure from typical hen party activities, making it a memorable experience that the bride and her friends will cherish.

Laughs and Bonding

The light-hearted nature of the activity often leads to giggles and shared laughter, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the participants.

Creative Outlet

Even if participants aren’t experienced artists, life drawing offers a creative outlet that encourages self-expression and exploration.

Body Positivity

Life drawing celebrates the beauty and diversity of the human body, promoting body positivity and self-acceptance.

Conversation Starter

The experience provides plenty of conversation material for the rest of the celebration, making it an icebreaker for the rest of the party.

Comfortable Environment

Reputable life drawing providers ensure a comfortable and respectful environment for all participants and the model.

How to Organize a Hen Party Life Drawing Session

Choose a Venue

You can host the session in a hired venue, a private home, or even at a dedicated art studio. Make sure there’s enough space for everyone to sit comfortably and have a clear view of the model.

Book a Professional Model

Research and hire a professional model with experience in hen party life drawing sessions. Models are generally friendly, approachable, and skilled at posing.

Art Supplies

Provide a range of art materials such as sketchbooks, pencils, charcoal, erasers, and watercolors. You can also consider providing aprons to protect clothing.

Instructor (Optional)

If you’re concerned about artistic guidance, consider hiring an art instructor to lead the session, offering tips and techniques to participants.

Themes and Challenges

To add a twist to the activity, you can introduce themes or challenges for each round of drawing. For example, ask participants to draw with their non-dominant hand or set a time limit for each pose.

Music and Refreshments

Create a relaxed atmosphere by playing music in the background and offering refreshments like drinks and snacks.

Capture the Moment

Take photos of the participants engaged in the activity. These photos will serve as cherished mementos of the celebration.


Collect all the artwork created during the session and present it to the bride as a special keepsake.

Remember, Respect, and Comfort

While hen party life drawing is meant to be cheeky and fun, it’s important to ensure that all participants, including the model, feel comfortable and respected throughout the session. Set ground rules for appropriate behavior and encourage an atmosphere of positivity and inclusivity.

Hen party life drawing offers a creative, light-hearted, and memorable way to celebrate the bride-to-be’s upcoming marriage. It’s an opportunity to bond, laugh, and create something unique together while celebrating the beauty of the human form in a respectful and fun environment.

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