Grand Cafe in Morristown


The Grand Cafe in Morristown serves French fare. The elegant décor evokes the mood of Paris. The owners, Desmond, and Alice Lloyd are longtime friends and the restaurant serves both American and French food. Menu items include escargot gourmandisée, roasted beef salad, lobster truffle macaroni and cheese, and much more. The Grand Cafe does not participate in the OpenTable reservation network. To make a reservation, call the restaurant at (954) 845-3325 or visit its website.

Grand Cafe in Morristown

Great breakfast at the Grand Cafe is an excellent way to start the day. The Grand Cafe serves two eggs cooked any way you like, alongside vegetable salad, feta cheese, bread, and butter. The Grand Cafe offers an omelet wrap with homemade pesto sauce, sliced tomatoes, avocado, tuna, roasted peppers, and more. There’s even a rooftop patio for al fresco dining. A grand cafe breakfast is sure to be an experience!

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The Rainforest Cafe’s décor is a reflection of the atmosphere found in the tropical rainforest. It features tropical rainstorms, lush vegetation, and even trumpeting elephants The interior design features faux rocks and artificial foliage, and there are fountains and waterfalls to enhance the ambiance. There are even statues of Atlas, the god of nature, holding the Earth high, and a whimsical collection of rainforest creatures mounted on walls. There’s even a restaurant inside the mall!

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