Face Masks at Costco

Starting Monday, almost all consumers are now required to wear face masks at Costco for facial skin care products. The CDC reports that such establishments like the local pharmacy or the supermarket are where social distance might be hard to practice simply because you’re competing with the other shoppers for a limited amount of shelf space disposable face masks. This move doesn’t apply to kids under the age of twelve or those living with some medical conditions, like asthma. But it is certainly an encouraging step in a progressive company such as Costco, which aims to provide its members with better service.Carnival, Fasnet, Swabian Alemannic

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The idea behind Costco’s new policy is to make their shopping experience more interesting for customers, especially for those who have limited or no time to spend in-store. The downside to implementing this system is that they’ll have to purchase disposable face masks from a health and beauty supply store that isn’t necessarily ideal if you want to avoid a full-on facial cleanser experience. A lot of these “disposable” face masks only last a few weeks before they need to be disposed of.

Final Words

So what’s the alternative? According to one person who works in the store and has been forced to use disposable face masks at Costco for several years now, the best option available is to head to a health and beauty supply store. While they don’t carry the name brands that Costco does, they do carry products made by companies that have reputations for providing high quality and lasting products. And even though the price is a little bit higher than most face masks at Costco, the convenience and peace of mind that these types of masks provide are worth the slightly higher investment.

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