Dreamgenii Maternity Pillow


The Dreamgenii maternity pillow is a versatile product that comes in many shapes and sizes to suit your changing needs. It can be folded into a nursing pillow and placed on a flat surface to serve as a makeshift bed. It is safe to wash in the washing machine and does not shrink, bend, or become uneven. The outer cover is soft and durable and maintains its shape when washed. Its machine washability makes it a great choice for any expecting mother.

Dreamgenii Maternity Pillow

This pregnancy pillow promotes a natural, relaxed position, which helps a woman feel better during the night. The pillow’s unique patented design supports the bump and knees, preventing the woman from rolling onto her back during sleep. Additionally, it prevents her from rolling onto her back during feeding. It has four individual areas of padding for a comfortable, supportive sleep. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

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The Dreamgenii maternity pillow can serve multiple purposes. The shape allows it to be used as a nursing support pillow after the baby is born Beste Zwangerschapskussen Slaapcity Top 10. Its dual function makes it perfect for any pregnancy, whether it’s your first or fifth. The pillow is popular worldwide and recommended by UK midwives. One out of four pregnant women suffers from SPD, or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. SPD is a common condition affecting the midline joint and causes pain. The pillow relieves pressure and helps the mother sleep comfortably throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

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