Download Twitch VODs with Chat to Save Both Video and Text

Twitch, the world’s premier live streaming platform, is a treasure trove of entertainment, bringing together gamers, artists, and creators of all kinds. While live streaming offers an exciting way to connect with content creators and the community in real time, sometimes you want to revisit the best moments. Twitch VODs (Video On Demand) allow you to do just that. But what if you could download Twitch VODs with chat, preserving not only the video content but also the lively chat interactions? In this article, we’ll explore the methods to save both video and text, giving you a complete VOD experience.

The Appeal of Twitch VODs with Chat

Twitch VODs are recordings of past live streams, capturing the entire stream, including the video content, audio, and chat interactions. These VODs are valuable for viewers who want to revisit the chat comments, engage with the community, or relive the stream as if it were live. However, when watching VODs directly on Twitch, you might not always have the option forĀ Twitch VOD Download with the chat. Downloading VODs without chat doesn’t provide the same immersive experience.

Preserving both the video and chat interactions is particularly appealing for several reasons:

  1. Community Engagement: The chat is a hub of excitement, jokes, and interactions during live streams. It adds an extra layer of enjoyment when revisiting VODs.
  2. Enhanced Learning: Chat often includes valuable insights, explanations, or answers to questions, making it a valuable resource for educational or tutorial content.
  3. Reliving Moments: Chat captures the real-time reactions to key moments in a stream, adding depth to the experience when you watch it again.
  4. Documenting History: The chat serves as a historical record of the stream, preserving conversations and memorable moments.

The Challenge: Downloading VODs with Chat

While Twitch allows you to watch VODs with chat on its platform, downloading them with the chat can be a bit more challenging. It’s not a feature natively offered by Twitch, and you may need third-party tools or services to accomplish this.

However, thanks to dedicated software and methods, you can download Twitch VODs with chat and enjoy the complete experience offline.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Twitch VODs with Chat

Here’s how to download Twitch VODs with chat:

Step 1: Select a Downloading Tool

The first step is to choose a suitable tool that allows you to download Twitch VODs with chat. One of the popular choices is “Twitch Leecher,” which is a free, open-source tool designed specifically for downloading Twitch content with chat.

Step 2: Install the Chosen Tool

Download and install the selected tool on your computer. Ensure that it’s compatible with your operating system, as many of these tools are available for both Windows and Mac.

Step 3: Find the Desired Twitch VOD

Navigate to the Twitch channel that hosts the VOD you wish to download with chat. Click on the “Videos” tab to access the list of available VODs. Find the VOD that you want to download.

Step 4: Copy the VOD URL

Once you’re on the VOD’s page, copy the URL from your web browser’s address bar. This URL is essential for the downloading tool to locate the VOD.

Step 5: Launch the Downloading Tool

Open the downloading tool you installed in Step 2. Look for the option that allows you to paste the VOD URL.

Step 6: Paste the VOD URL

Paste the Twitch VOD URL you copied in Step 4 into the downloading tool. The tool will recognize the VOD and prepare it for download.

Step 7: Configure Download Settings

Before initiating the download, configure the settings to include the chat. Some tools will have a specific setting to include chat comments. You can also choose the video quality and specify the download location.

Step 8: Start the Download

Click the “Download” or “Start” button in the tool. The downloading process will begin, capturing the video content and chat comments. The time required for the download depends on the length of the VOD and your internet connection speed.

Step 9: Enjoy Your VOD with Chat

Once the download is complete, you can open the VOD with a media player or video viewer of your choice. You’ll have the complete Twitch VOD experience, including video and chat interactions, ready to enjoy offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to download Twitch VODs with chat for personal use?

Downloading Twitch VODs for personal use is generally considered legal. However, it’s important to respect the rights of content creators and adhere to Twitch’s terms of service.

2. Can I download VODs with chat from any Twitch channel?

You can download VODs with chat from channels where the streamer has enabled the option to save chat with their broadcasts. This setting varies from channel to channel.

3. Are there any risks associated with using third-party downloading tools?

While downloading VODs with chat is generally safe, be cautious when using third-party tools. Download from reputable sources to avoid potential security risks.

4. Can I download VODs with chat from a mobile device?

Downloading VODs with chat is typically easier on a computer. However, some tools offer mobile versions, though the process may be less straightforward on mobile devices.

5. How can I support content creators on Twitch while downloading their VODs?

Supporting content creators on Twitch can be done through subscriptions, donations, or by watching ads during their live streams. These methods allow you to show appreciation for their content and support their work.


Downloading Twitch VODs with chat offers an immersive way to relive the excitement and interactions of live streams. With the right tool and a simple step-by-step process, you can create a collection of Twitch VODs that includes both video and chat, giving you the complete experience. It’s a wonderful way to engage with your favorite content creators and their communities while enjoying their content offline. Just ensure that you respect the rights of content creators and adhere to the platform’s policies as you continue to enjoy Twitch VODs with chat.

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