Do Shutters Break Easily?

While some other window treatments (like traditional blinds) may appear dated after a few years or need to be replaced due to wear and tear, shutters are a timeless design that stays classic for decades. This makes them an excellent choice for homeowners who want to maintain the charm of their home without sacrificing their privacy and security.

Shutters can also be a great addition to a conservatory as Shutter Repairs London is waterproof and can protect against the elements, such as ice storms. This means they can keep your house more secure if you are away from home during winter, which is especially important for snowbirds.

How to fix your shutters

A lot of shutters have magnets installed inside them to keep them in place when closed. These magnets are in a plastic casing that is protected from the sun’s UV rays, but over time this plastic can wear down and you may need to replace it with new magnets.

Repairing Louvers

If you have louvers that are slipping out of the slots, it is often a simple job to fix them with some polyurethane glue. Apply the glue to the joint where the frame and stile meet, then clamp it together and check that the louvers are inserted in the slot properly.

If the louvers are broken, it is best to have a professional repair team take care of them. Often, they can get you new ones that are more closely matched to your old louvers and can get them in working order quicker than you can.

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