Can You Sneak Into a Hotel and Use the Pool?

Whether you’re looking to escape the heat of Vegas or just want to spend some quality time with your family, nothing beats a dip in the pool. But if you’re not staying at the hotel, it can be tricky to get access to the pool without paying a fee or using your room key.

Luckily, some hotels have started to sell day passes so non-guests can take advantage of the amenities that are typically only available to guests. These include pool hotels with pools, gyms, spas, restaurants, and bars.

Some of these day passes are available to locals, but the fees can be quite high. You’ll need to contact the hotel for more details on their pool and day pass policies.

If you’re not staying at the hotel, can you sneak into a hotel and use the pool?

Generally speaking, it’s not recommended to do this as it can be dangerous and illegal. If you’re not sure, check the hotel’s policies or ask a staff member before doing so.

If you’re planning to visit a hotel with a pool, it’s best to make your reservation ahead of time. Otherwise, you may find yourself disappointed when you can’t swim or when the pool is closed.

You can also ask a front desk staff member to call you if the pool is closed so that you won’t have to wait. If the pool is closed, it’s usually because of weather conditions or maintenance.

While hopping a hotel pool isn’t legal, it can be a lot of fun and doesn’t hurt anyone, so long as you are respectful and keep to yourself. If you are planning to do this, it’s important to channel your inner swagger and confidently walk into the pool with a confident look on your face.

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