Can I Get Help With Legal Fees UK?

Can I Get Help With Legal Fees UK?

Solicitors and law firms play a vital role in helping people to protect their legal rights, resolve disputes and secure financial support when they need it most. However, many people find it difficult to access this support, and they aren’t sure how to go about getting it.

You may be eligible for legal aid if you are on a low income or receive benefits. It is a government-funded scheme that will pay for your legal advice, family mediation, and court or tribunal representation if you can’t afford it.

Can I Get Help With Legal Fees UK?

Legal Aid doesn’t cover divorce or dissolution of marriage unless there is domestic abuse (including financial abuse), child abduction, or you are at risk of homelessness.

Some legal costs can be covered by other schemes or policies, including those that you might already have in place, such as car insurance. Some trade unions and organizations provide members with free legal advice or support from Southend solicitors.

There are many ways to try and get free legal advice in the UK – you can check if your local Citizens Advice has an advice clinic or is connected with a local law society. You can also contact RCJ Advice (part of the Royal Courts of Justice) or LawWorks to see what help is available in your area.

Your legal aid application should include details of your income, savings and assets. If you are refused legal aid, you can ask for the decision to be reconsidered or you could appeal.

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