BSC Business Information Technology

BSC business information technology is a course that combines the fundamentals of a business administration degree with the information technology skills of database applications, project management and systems analysis. This dual-degree programme responds to industry needs and enhances your employment prospects.

Companies worldwide are relying on IT more and more to streamline and optimize business processes, increase profitability, and compete in the marketplace. It is important for them to hire specialists who can bridge the gap between business and IT, forge new connections and foster ongoing innovation in their industries.

What is the course?

Business and commerce are becoming increasingly dependent on information technology (IT), with the demand for IT specialists increasing. As a result, business information & business news technology (BIT) courses are in high demand and offer a wide range of employment opportunities.

What is BSC business information technology

BIT is an interdisciplinary course that combines both business science and information technology (IT) to address the practical application of computing in all aspects of the business world. This enables students to learn how to design, implement and use computer systems to solve business problems.

Graduates of this degree can choose to study in a wide variety of areas, including management and operations. The Managing Supply Chain Management option, for example, teaches students to manage operations in businesses and governments.

You also have the opportunity to undertake a work placement after you have completed your second year, to enhance your employability. This helps you to build a real understanding of your chosen career path and will be an essential part of your professional development.

The first year

In the first year of the BSC business information technology course, you’ll be taught a range of theoretical and practical subjects that will equip you with the knowledge you need to understand how businesses use IT. This will include learning how to analyse business needs, develop effective systems and support the decision-making process for business managers.

You’ll also learn how to build systems that are flexible and adaptable. This is crucial to the successful implementation of new technology and will give you the edge in a competitive industry.

You’ll also have the opportunity to spend a year working on an industrial placement, enhancing your skills and ensuring you’re ready for the world of work when you graduate. TechSkills supports you throughout the placement year and works to find opportunities that fit your interests.

The second year

Increasingly, businesses operate in digital spaces, relying on technology to make their operations more efficient and productive. This means companies need to have talented individuals who can bridge the gap between business management and information technology.

If you are interested in this area of study, the BSC business information technology degree will give you a sound understanding of business theories and computing. It also provides a firm grounding in the principles of business practice, delivered in partnership with Queen’s Management School (QMS).

This innovative four-year EFMD accredited course is designed to nurture high-calibre graduates who can demonstrate a blend of business analysis and applied information skills. You will develop a range of key skills including teamwork, communication, problem-solving and systems development, as well as a broad understanding of business problem domains and emerging technologies.

The third year

During the third year you will choose from a range of optional modules in subjects that you are interested in. These are designed to develop your knowledge and skills, giving you the opportunity to focus on areas that interest you most.

Your studies will be supported by work placements that are embedded throughout the course, allowing you to apply your learning in a practical setting. This will help you to enhance your employability and improve your chances of getting a job after graduation.

Business information technology is an important part of the digital economy and many businesses are looking for skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals who understand the role of computing in business. Our business information systems degree responds to industry needs and provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to lead digital transformation and establish effective IT platforms for businesses of all sizes.

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