Astonishing New Way to Charge Your EV!

There’s a new way to charge your EV. It’s called level 2 charging. It uses a higher voltage than standard household outlets and is faster, so you can charge more quickly. You can find level 2 chargers in most car dealerships. You can also use them at home and they usually come in your car. Here’s how it works:

Astonishing New Way to Charge Your EV

A robotic EV charging station called Ziggy has been developed to live in parking garages and can be summoned using an app. EV Safe Charge, a charging startup, has been developing Ziggy since 2019. It plans to ship it by the end of 2023 or early 2024. It will look like a battery on wheels, but it will be able to navigate parking lots autonomously. Ziggy will also be outfitted with ads so drivers can make more money.

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When you’re shopping for an EVSE, make sure to choose one that’s UL-listed. This means it meets safety standards. You’ll also notice a safety seal. The Car Charge People South Manchester Make sure the EVSE you’re considering is UL-listed because UL-listed models are certified as safe. You’ll also find a convenient hook for the 18-foot cable.

Electric vehicle charging is simple and convenient. A charging cable supplies power to your vehicle through a cord. The time required to charge your EV depends on the type of outlet you use. Many EVs come with a 120V charging cable, which is perfect for connecting them to conventional outlets at home. Using these cords will reduce the amount of time it takes for your vehicle to charge, saving you money in the long run.

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