Airsoft Tactical Gear Canada

If you are planning on buying a piece of airsoft tactical gear, then you will need to know a few things. The first thing you will want to know is what the second Joint Task Force of the Canadian Forces is all about. This unit is the main component of the Special Forces Command of Canada. These guys have been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. Their primary role is counterterrorism. Depending on the game you want to play, you can even place them into scenarios involving these men and women.


The name Valken is synonymous with high-quality paintball and airsoft products, and for good reason. Valken makes quality equipment for affordable prices, allowing you to play more and spend less money while staying safe. In addition to paintball equipment, Valken also produces a variety of safety gear, such as helmets and goggles, as well as plate carriers and mesh masks. If you are looking for a new gun, check out Valken’s full line of AEGs.

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The Valken Battle Machine CQB M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle is designed for close-quarters indoor velocities. Its short-barrel configurations and 0.20-gram precision BBs make this rifle ideal for indoor use. If you’re looking for an airsoft rifle, check out the MOD-CQB airsoft, Valken’s most compact rifle. Its 10″ barrel and 7.0″ rail system allow for easy storage, and its wobble-free HDP RIS makes it one of the best in the industry.

Airsoft GI

In Canada, airsoft guns are regulated more strictly than they are in the U.S. That’s because many air guns in Canada are actually firearms. Canadian airsoft guns are specifically built to comply with strict Canadian laws, and they shoot up to 366 FPS and use lightweight, 0.2-gram 6mm BBs. Airsoft tactical gear Canada includes a variety of accessories and clothing to help you stay safe.

Tactical vests are an essential part of airsoft gear. The Rhodesian vest, for example, is standard gear for carrying equipment on airsoft fields. In addition to offering comfort and function, this vest can also hold spare magazines and BBs. These accessories are essential for any airsoft gamer, and they’ll keep you safe from incoming airsoft BBs. Here’s a look at some of the different types of airsoft vests.

Tactical load-bearing vests are an airsoft-specific version of the actual combat vests used in Vietnam and Desert Storm. They feature six integrated M4 mag pouches and two smaller pouches for grenades. The vests are designed to accommodate MOLLE gear and also have loops and connections for a MOLLE-compatible web belt and buttock. If you’re on a budget, pre-made vests are a great way to go.

Airsoft Station

If you’re in Canada and want to purchase airsoft guns and accessories, you can do so through AirsoftStation. The store sells legal airsoft guns and accessories, including biodegradable BBs. You can also purchase tactical gear, parts, and accessories for your airsoft gun. You can learn more about airsoft in Canada and how to purchase and use airsoft guns in your country at AirsoftStation.

You may have noticed that airsoft guns are regulated much more strictly in Canada. Many air guns sold in the U.S. are considered firearms in Canada. Airsoft GI guns, on the other hand, meet strict Canadian standards. They feature a muzzle velocity of over 366 FPS and use light, 0.2-gram BBs. While airsoft guns may be illegal in the U.S., they are perfectly legal to use in Canada.

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